by retrogress

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a single.


your blood smeared across the kitchen floor
screaming that you can’t take this anymore
and you’re sorry, you don’t want to be
but you always are
the same fucking mess you’ve been hiding
from the rest of the world. you say you’ll soak it up
in the same bedsheets you used to
hang me up in the name of repentance
and i’ve come to learn it’s always good practice
to know who your neighbours are
i got every pet on the block
in the back of my garage
dissected and organized
by their body parts
displayed to the world
just like i once was
and i know i could write much more
of the horrors of men here on earth
than i could of anything kept in folklore
but there’s a body in the basement
i swear it’s a mistake, it’s just my mind is
always racing with no means of containment
so hush your voice, you’re still bleeding
so shut your legs, you’re still bleeding
we have four more hours until rigour mortis
so lets get this done and over with
you get the bucket and i’ll sever the limbs
we’ll toss it into the back of my truck
i got a spot about two kilometres out
where i bury my innocence in


released July 4, 2016



all rights reserved


retrogress British Columbia

"i feel like i'm listening to gold dust exploding in space"
- critic review of the beginnings of my first album

"what kind of trip even is this"
- yet another critic review

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