girlhood ep

by retrogress

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released September 19, 2016



all rights reserved


retrogress British Columbia

"i feel like i'm listening to gold dust exploding in space"
- critic review of the beginnings of my first album

"what kind of trip even is this"
- yet another critic review

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Track Name: menarche
cut my stomach open
remove whats within
my flesh is separating
unveiling my sins

cracked all of my milk teeth
against the taste of your soft skin
razor burn on all my body
just like you want it

say that i'm your baby, i'm yours
i'm contaminated
blood spills onto the sheets
where you left me ripped open
from the inside, just like i was always meant to be

fulfilling my girlhood destiny
Track Name: training bra
you’re my world you’re my world
yeah i would give you everything
you got my word
come on and teach me a thing
or two or four
i’ll get on the floor for an hour more
set up the iv and just let me go
collapse into your arms
there’s vomit on the floor
fuck me until your mom gets home
until i’ve gone cold
i know you like them bad
like them broken first
you’re my world you’re my world
i’ll taste nothing but you
you’ve got my word
my training bra left laying out on the floor
beside my dignity and what you asked for
bruised up knees and hot asphalt
come on babe say it’s my fault
yeah i can be your baby doll
I'm porcelain and on all fours
you’re my world you’re my world
i know you like the struggle, you like to hurt
my training bra left laying out on the floor
well come on, what you waiting for
Track Name: ectomy
I heard that you’ve been thinking of me
that you’d do anything to be with me
i know that you’ve heard about me
word’s been going ‘round
come on and tell me what you know
you would do anything just to fuck me
next time that you touch me
i wont back down i know you
said you’d do anything to be with me
i’ll be in the backyard with a shovel
come and find me
i know what you did
i can taste them on your lips
i know you’ve heard about me
everyone has
im the talk of the town
that i left my innocence in
i heard you think about me
every night while you masturbate
wishing you could hit me
hard enough so i desiccate
i know you heard about me, heard about me
well, i’ll be in the back woods with a bag of lye and a clear conscience
i know you’ve heard about me, everyone has
and they know I'm fucking crazy
i would do anything
Track Name: palliation
steal your parents weed off of the porch
i’ll take every dollar so we can get more
i’m higher than i’ve ever been before
feel like I'm losing all control
there’s a bleed in my brain, it's dripping on the ash tray
a constant fascination with the games you play
bandage up my body so you can have your way with it
steal everyones money and somehow get away with it
wake up covered in a mix of you and my own blood
wake up always wondering how much of this should still be fun
cutting classes, cutting hair
always playing truth or dare
running in the hallways
say you’re with me always
cutting skin, pulling hair
always saying I'm not scared
touch me in the back of class
and fuck me in the bathroom
dropping acid at sunrise just to feel my body
beyond every contusion, you say you love me always
you always wanted me in my most submissive states
but i can hold my own high
you always knew what to say to get me to cooperate
you were always more fixated by the heat of my thighs
you would only get more reckless as you burnt out at night
but i can hold my own high
you always thought i’d need this passive aggressive bullshit from you
but i can hold my own high